10 Vital Start-UpTips for Heat Pumps

If you have a heat pump or are thinking of buying one, you'll want to give this article a quick read. Very interesting read and extremely comprehensive.  These top 10 start up tips will get your heat pump ready for winter.


It’s hard to stop a…” Admit it; I know you just filled in the blank. That’s OK, years of persistent marketing works wonders, but it does not mean other top brands aren’t capable of providing reliable service year after year. Most often, residential systems fail prematurely or under perform because:

They are not properly specified: guesswork, rules of thumb, “this is the way we’ve always done it”, such attitudes guarantee trouble.

They are not properly installed: Oh, you mean I can’t have 35 ft. of suction lift with this unit?

They are not properly commissioned: I thought the pressures were factory set!

They are not properly maintained: end user often believes no inputs from him are required or simply fails to maintain his equipment.

So many residential HVAC systems, presumably sold on the money saving energy efficiency bandwagon, have some or all of the above mentioned issues plaguing the homeowner.
Now that natural gas heating appears to have been given a very short shelf life thanks to climate change legislation, electric heating using existing and renewable sources of power generation will be the future. Heat pumps, utilizing electricity and the awesome power of the refrigeration effect, provide cooling and heating and can be operated with air handling systems or in hydronic applications.


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September 1st, 2017 by Lief Simons
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