Best Plumbing Practices for Your Edmonton Home in 2016

best plumbing practicesThe plumbing landscape comes with hundreds of complex details necessary for installations, repairs, or replacements anytime of the day.  To help you navigate the plumbing landscape, here is a list of best plumbing practices to keep in mind.


Your day can’t get any worse after a hot and filthy day at work only to come home and discover low water pressure when all you need is a warm shower to scrub off all the dirt.  It is so frustrating to stay right under your shower head when you can barely get yourself wet. Having low water pressure at home is not only frustrating, but it is also a critical sign that you have plumbing problems right under your nose.

Sometimes, it is fairly simple to remedy a low water pressure issue by twisting your shut off valve completely all the way.  At times, they accidentally close it, or it slips one’s mind to turn it back on after conducting a repair. Mineral buildup is also a possible cause of obstruction of these valves that result in a restriction in air flow. Also, boilers have control on the water pressure. You might need to increase its level if the water pressure is low. Either way, it is always advised to call a professional plumbing company to get an accurate diagnosis of the real cause of your low water pressure problem.



Having a toilet that keeps on running even in the dead of the night is a hint that somebody is having a bout of diarrhea or can’t stop themselves from peeing all the time.  Or it signals some problem in your home’s plumbing system. It is outright disgusting to have a toilet that continually refills itself with water every 20 to 25 minutes or so. The sad part is its damage to your finances with the sudden increase in your monthly water bills.

A bathroom that steadily keeps on running is not usually indicative of a problem with your pipes, but most likely with your bathroom’s actual toilet.  Around 90% of cases, it is because of a worn out rubber flapper in your toilet tank’s interior. It allows the water to leak. Hence, it signals for an automatic refill as soon as the water reaches below a specific level. Other reasons for the continuous cycling that you need to look at or fixed by a plumber involves cracks on your actual toilet tank. Or you might also need to install a brand new flushing mechanism for your tank.


Water swirls out of your pipe when you have a leaky toilet at home. However, it is also possible for the exact opposite to happen at times. For instance, your kitchen sink that refuses to drain or slowly goes down. It might be more difficult to work your way in the kitchen on a daily basis, but the combination of old stale water together with some food particles and grime can give off an unbearable stench.

A sink that has a built-in garbage disposal will likely experience this no drain or slow drain problem. Some homeowners believe that their home disposal is commensurate with the power of a wood chipper,so you put all the stuff inside, from chicken bones to tin cans. These stuff can obstruct your disposal system and impede your sink from carrying out its primary function of draining all the water. A lot of times, it is necessary to take your garbage disposal apart from below the sink, and manually remove the clog. In scenarios where grease is the likely culprit of the clog in your sink, or something else, use a drain unclogging solution mixed with hot water to save your day.If nothing still works, it is perhaps necessary for you to call Edmonton’s best plumbing contractor to drop by your home and put a camera down your pipes to see what’s causing the clog. In rare cases, it can even be a tree’s root that grew on your sewer line.


Nothing beats a good old hot shower after a long hot day at work, or if it is especially chilly outside. Sadly, only a few things can be as agonizing as a cold shower when you are supposed to take a 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation under your warm shower. It becomes a 30-second feat of ducking in and out of the water’s flow just to get yourself decently clean.

A water shortage is related to your water heater. If you’d get lucky, you can easily fix the problem by lighting up again the pilot light. You should call a plumbing contractor no matter what since a leak could be present in your gas water heater and is highly dangerous. Other factors that can force you to take cold showers is a broken thermostat.You either need to adjust it or purchase a replacement. Or maybe you need to clean and remove the sediment buildup.


A leak in your pipeline can pose numerous problems. It can range from the damage caused by water on your home’s drywall and carpets, up to drastically increasing your monthly water bills. Furthermore, another cause of a leaky pipe is its corrosion secondary to the water and minerals that constantly runs over it all the time, aside from its improper installation.

Hence, it is important to prevent your pipes from getting corroded to avoid expensive major repairs in the future. And the most likely cause of the damage is the very clean water that passes through it every day and is also the reason for the appearance of rusts. Very high or low pH levels leads to corrosion, as well as hard and soft water and not proper alkalinity levels. The first step you can take to prevent corrosion is to ask Edmonton’s best plumbing contractor to conduct a test on your water and ensure that everything is the way it is supposed to be. Other measures to minimize corrosion is install specially coated pipes that are not prone to the formation of rust.


There are some visible signs that indicate you are having some plumbing problems at home. For instance, the water shooting out of your walls, no water, brownish water, and so on. At times, you might feel more at ease once you ask Edmonton’s best plumbing contractor to drop by and conduct a test on your pipes to detect if you have plumbing problems. Or to ensure that you won’t likely experience any issues with it in the following years.

Plumbing tests are helpful for a lot of reasons. For example, Edmonton’s best plumbing company can use a camera to go down your pipes and see what’s inside and identify possible problems like clogs, leaks, buildups or corrosion. If you have a new home, a pressure test is mandatory to ensure that all the pipes are in excellent condition,and your home’s water supply is running at the ideal level.


At times, your home’s pipeline symbolizes the unknown. You do not see them and most homeowners ignore them for as long as they can so long as it does its job of distributing water and then take it back away. A sure sign of a problem is hearing pinging or knocking sounds along your pipes, especially when you flush the toilet, use the washing machine, or run the dishwasher. These sounds are irritating, but it also signals a problem from within the pipes and must be checked by a reputable company like Edmonton’s best plumbing contractor.

Loud banging noises and pinging in the pipes is called a water hammer. It results from a solenoid valve that quickly closes and leads to the abrupt shutting off of the water that initially had been running at a stable pressure. Shutting of five to ten pounds of water instantly causes your pipes to shake and then rattle. Hence, it is the annoying noise you hear. Over time, these pipes become loose,and you can expect more rattling. There are several measures an Edmonton plumbing company can do to minimize these noises. They can install shock absorbers, utilize a spiral pipe, or properly secure these pipes.


Your occasional guests are aware that you have pipes running all over your home but spare them in having to hear it all throughout their visit. But there are some circumstances when your home’s layout does not allow you to conceal your plumbing. However, hiding your pipes gives your home’s interior a finished look. Furthermore, keeping your pipes hidden from direct view minimizes the risk of any damage or leaks on its exterior.

Depending on the location of your pipe, you can explore several hiding alternatives. You can hide your basement pipeline with the use of a drop ceiling.Meanwhile, you can install a vanity below a free standing sink to conceal your bathroom pipes. If you cannot make use of cover-ups to hide them, drape fabric over the pipe or put a string of lights to make the pipes more appealing. You can also simply paint them as part of the room’s decorations. Allow Edmonton’s best plumbing contractor to pay a visit to your house so they can make recommendations on the best cover-up alternative for your pipe as per your home’s layout.


Upon the Cost/ Value Report back in 2014, installing a second bathroom in your home has a 60% recoup rate. Even if it is insignificant in contrast to investments and equity similar to a steel entry door (96.6%), or perhaps an attic bedroom (84.3%). Your additional bathroom is more of a means to promote the quality of your life. It gives you a guaranteed access to a bathroom in case of an emergency, or it can allow two people to take a bath simultaneously for an exciting night out is valuable for other people.

Building a new bathroom requires obtaining certain permits to comply with strict building codes in your town or city. You must ensure to insulate the walls in your additional basement bathroom. Make sure that electrical outlets are GFIC safe, put switches away from your bath tub, and then water and vapor proof your light. And that does not yet include your actual plumbing. Even though you are diligent in following the code, you might still encounter several physical limitations that will impede the installation of your secondary bathroom. First, make sure your home has enough space without the need to sacrifice one of the existing rooms. Your unfinished basement is the usual spot to install a new bathroom, as well as unusually big master bedrooms. Your next hurdle is to provide access to your plumbing. And because of this, there might be a need to remove your drywall many times so that you can position the pipes in its new location. Installing an additional bathroom is an arduous process. But most of the time, families are jubilant with the result of such an investment.


A lot of homeowners are aware that they must observe certain electrical safety rules inside their home. But only a handful will make a point to acknowledge or make an effort in handling their plumbing with care and attention. The only sensible practice is to not let the water run while you are brushing your teeth, and that does not even concern your pipe’s safety, but more on water conservation and reducing your utility bills.Therefore, Edmonton’s best plumbing company has a few recommendations.

Ensuring general safety with your home plumbing is not only essential for your physical health, but it also aids an Edmonton homeowner in preventing pricey and avoidable home repairs in the future. You should observe the number one rule, which is to refrain from engaging in any plumbing project if you are not at ease with it. Fooling around with sensitive items such as gas water heaters have deadly consequences if not done by a professional plumbing contractor.

Also, you must make it a point to not put undue stress on your home’s plumbing system. Of course, it is not a wise decision to flush your toilet as you take a shower while someone is also running the washing machine downstairs, and they are also filling up the kid’s pool. One more important point to bear in mind is to handle your garbage disposal with extreme care and avoid treating it just like when you take out your rubbish to the curb. Lastly, one more tip is to care for your pipes during winter by allowing your faucet to run in the biting cold and by making sure to insulate your pipes before winter sets in.

We hope you enjoyed this article on best plumbing practices and it will help you keep your home plumbing system in good condition. But remember that Plumbers Edmonton is just a phone call away in case of an emergency or when you just want to know the state of your pipes.

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