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common plumbing problems

The basic services offered by Plumbers Edmonton are well known by Edmonton and area homeowners. When it comes time for homeowners to remodel their homes or if they find they have pipes that are leaking, they know to call Edmonton’s best plumbing, heating and air conditioning service.

When it comes to plumbing, there are numerous small and large issues that may need to be fixed, installed or replaced, but here are the top 10 most common plumbing problems.

What Is The Cause Of Low Water Pressure?

If you have been working hard, or playing sports or even working in the garden, you may find you are grungy and want to enjoy a refreshing shower. There are few things worse than being dirty and sweaty and finding that your water pressure is so low when you go to shower that you can hardly get clean. What is even worse is that there is a strong indication you have plumbing problems.

In some cases, fixing this issue is as easy as turning the shut-off valves on all the way. There are times when these valves are accidentally left closed or partially closed after a repair. In some cases, it could be that built up mineral deposits are restricting air flow. Or it could be that you need to raise the level settings of your boiler as it also controls water pressure. Whatever your plumbing problems are, the best course of action is to make an appointment with your local Plumber for an expert diagnosis to discover the cause of the low water pressure.

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Why Does My Toilet Run Constantly?

If your toilet is constantly running, even during the night, then either someone in the family has urinary issues or the home has plumbing problems. If your toilets must refill every half hour or so, it is not only annoying, it is costly and waste a lot of water.

Very often, this is not a problem with your pipes, but instead an issue with the toilet itself. One of the most common causes is a worn out flapper in the toilet tank. If the rubber flapper is too worn, it allows for water to leak out.  Once the water gets too low, the toilet begins to refill automatically. The rubber flapper is not the only possibility.  It is possible the toilet tank is cracked, and in some cases it may be necessary to replace the entire flushing mechanism.

Why Is My Sink Drain So Slowly?

Sometimes instead of something leaking, it can be that it won’t drain out. Slow drainage is a common issue with kitchen sinks. This type of problem is not only irritating, it can lead to a terrible smell in the kitchen.

If you have a garbage disposal, it might sometimes lead to drainage issues and cause the sink to drain slowly. A common mistake is to think of your disposal as a grinder or wood chipper in which you can put almost anything imaginable in it. It is almost unbelievable that some have tried to put things like soup cans and animal bones into the disposal. When you dump things in not meant for the disposal, it gets clogged and prevents the water from draining.

When the garbage disposal becomes too clogged, it is often necessary to take it completely apart to be able to remove all the blockage by hand. Sometimes the problem is a buildup of oil and grease. Often this issue can be remedied with a mixture of hot water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and a 1/2 cup of vinegar. When that does not work, then there may be other issues that require you to call upon a plumbing expert to come out and inspect what is the cause of the problem.

What Reasons Cause My Home Not To Have Hot Water?

Very often, we really enjoy a hot shower. It helps us get refreshed and to relax. But when we lack hot water, the shower becomes a necessary torture in which we stay in the water only long enough to get wet or to rinse off the soap.

This problem stems from an issue related to the water heater. If you are lucky, the problem is a simple as the pilot light has gone out, and you can fix it by relighting it. Other possible causes include a sediment buildup that you need to clean away or a thermostat that is either not set correctly or one that you need to replace.

How Can I Prevent Corrosion On Pipes?

If you have leaks in your pipes, this is not just a plumbing problems, but one that can lead to other costly repairs. Leaks can lead to damages in your drywall, carpeting and can lead to mold. All that in addition to unnecessarily running up the cost of water. The possible reasons for leaking pipes are improper installation or corrosion caused by mineral deposits.

Making the effort to prevent corrosion is important as it could save you from emergency repairs down the line. Many factors can lead to rusting such as:

– the levels of alkalinity in the water
– the water is too soft or hard
– the levels of pH in the water
– the amount of oxygen in the water
– the temperature of the water
– the speed of the water running in your pipes

Make sure you have your local plumber in Edmonton test your water.

 If I Get a Plumbing Test, What is Involved?

Obvious signals that indicate you have a problem is if there is no water, or it is brown in color or if you see water in the walls or carpet. But sometimes the problems are not obvious. For this reason it is recommended you occasionally schedule an appointment with your favourite Edmonton plumber to test your pipes and plumbing to make certain there are no major issues.

Plumbing professionals use a camera designed to check your pipes for blockages, buildup, leaks, corrosion and more. You might also want to have a pressure test performed to ensure your home is at optimal levels.

Why Do I Keep Hearing Banging and Knocking Sounds Coming From My Plumbing?

Unknowns exist in the home. Often problems exist for some time because the average homeowner does not concern themselves with plumbing issues until there are visible problems. If you notice a pinging or knocking sound coming from the pipes when you run the dishwasher or washing machine, or you when you flush the toilet, it is a sign of plumbing problems. Arrange for a plumbing specialist to investigate.

One of the possibilities is that a valve is malfunctioning and closing abruptly. When the valve abruptly closes it stops up to 10 pounds of water at once, which causes a rattling and shaking sound.  Over time, if not corrected, the pipes loosen, leading to bigger issues. A number of solutions to common plumbing problems can be used such as securing the pipes better or using shock absorbers.

If I Have Exposed Plumbing, How Can I Hide It?

We all know we have plumbing, but we don’t necessarily want to have visible evidence of it. There may be a situation where it is unavoidable, but usually there are ways to make the plumbing more discreet which will give the area a more completed look. Making the effort to have the plumbing less exposed also helps to protect it.

How you can hide the plumbing will depend on where it is in the house. A vanity can be used to cover exposed pipes from a free standing sink in the bathroom, or by using a drop ceiling to hide exposed plumbing in the basement. In other cases when hiding them completely is not possible, there or decorative options that can make them more presentable. Your local plumber can provide some good options.

Is It Difficult To Install A Second Bathroom?

Recent reports indicate that the recoup rate on a home with a bathroom addition is sixty percent. There are other home improvements that offer a higher percentage, but the bathroom addition not only adds value, it improves the owner’s lifestyle.

Whenever you install new plumbing, it requires a permit to meet local building codes. If you decide to have a bathroom installed in the basement there are some things that will need to be done before you can begin such as:

– Water-and-vapour-proof lights
– Protecting electrical outlets
– Moving switches far from the tub.

Even if you follow all the procedures required by the code, there are still some limitations to installing a new bathroom:

– Sufficient space is available without taking away from other rooms. Very often installing a new bathroom in an unfinished basement is perfect as it is large enough.
– Access to the homes plumbing is necessary, which may mean that you will need to remove drywall to allow access to the plumbing.

Can You Give Me Some General Tips For Plumbing Safety?

It is common for homeowners to make an effort to follow electrical safety, but many do not even acknowledge the necessity of plumbing safety. Maintaining plumbing safety helps protect physical health as well as avoiding very costly repairs.

1) Hire an experienced plumber.  We strongly recommended that if you are not a trained plumber, hire a plumber to complete the work.  Some repairs such as working on gas water heaters can have devastating results if done wrong.

2) Do not put too much stress on your home’s plumbing. Obviously you would not want to be doing laundry, filling the backyard pool and taking a shower all at the same time. When using a garbage disposal make sure you understand what it can do and cannot do. If you live where the weather is very cold in winter, you should have your pipes fitted with insulation and let a small trickle of water continue to run overnight to prevent the water from freezing.

Remember that plumbing is an important feature in a home and needs a professional to work on it when common plumbing problems arise.

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