Ductless Air Conditioning

Central air and heating is the way to go if you have ducts.  However, what do you do if you don't?  You could go with a window air conditioner but a better choice would be a ductless split air conditioning system.  Read on for their benefits…


Most of us are used to traditional centralized air conditioners to cool our homes in the summer. They cool the air in a single unit, then distribute it to the corners of your home via a system of ducts. The system is effective and easy to use, but it’s not right for every home. Some houses in the area were built before the advent of air conditioning and aren’t able to physically support a system of ducts. Others possess architectural quirks that make centralized air impractical, and even some homes that possess central air could use a means of making their air conditioning more cost effective and less wasteful.

Ductless air conditioners solve the issue nicely, while providing several other benefits to your home as well. How do they work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

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August 20th, 2017 by Lief Simons
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