Putting Off Furnace Cleaning is Robbing You Blind!

Most of us understand that cleaning our personal property on a regular basis is the best way to get extended life out them. That being said if you’ve ever hopped into a pick-up truck caked in dirt or made a second lawn out of all the clippings stuck in the bottom of your mower you […]

Best Plumbing Practices for Your Edmonton Home in 2016

The plumbing landscape comes with hundreds of complex details necessary for installations, repairs, or replacements anytime of the day.  To help you navigate the plumbing landscape, here is a list of best plumbing practices to keep in mind. WHY DO HOMES HAVE LOW WATER PRESSURE? Your day can’t get any worse after a hot and […]

6 Types of Garage Heater – Advantages and Disadvantages

The garage is a multi-functional space for a lot of Edmonton homeowners. A few of them uses their garage mainly as a parking space for their vehicles especially when the weather is cold, or as a storage space for home decorations that are no longer being used. Then for some, their garage serves as their […]

Furnace Repairs: Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, Edmonton homeowners do not have a lot of alternatives when it comes to questions relating to furnace repairs. A furnace repair is non-negotiable because the harsh Edmonton winter only leaves you with two options – fix it or freeze to death. You can only count a handful of people who find heating system repairs […]

Central Air Conditioner: How Central Air Conditioning Works

A central air conditioner is as simple as ABC most of the time. You just reduce the level of your thermostat to an awful low temperature,cover yourself in thick blankets and wear turtlenecks as you pass the night absorbed in a good movie or two. But then, things start to become complicated once you realize […]

Is Your Water Heater Creating Mold in Your Edmonton Home?

Let’s face it, not only is mold ugly and dangerous to your health, it damages the walls and floors of your family’s home. Molds thrive in areas exposed to moisture and stagnant air and in your water heater. It is why you are likely to see them in the basement than in any other place […]

Air Conditioner History: The Beginning of the Air Conditioner

To a lot of people, turning on their AC during the warm summer season is likened to the seasonal tradition of cutting the weeds and drinking some lemonade. But then, it wasn’t always like that. Back in the early 1900’s, watering holes was the most in thing to do. Taking a dip is the only […]

5 Reasons Why a Central Furnace and Air Conditioner Go Side By Side

The memory of a central HVAC unit only exclusive to the elite living the sweet life on top of their manors or estates overlooking the hills is a thing of the past. Without a doubt, central HVAC systems were the norm for them back then and not just their fancy. Despite the convenience offered by […]

Don’t Make These 3 Common Household Plumbing Mistakes

Most homeowners can go ahead with certain plumbing projects that they can DIY and pull it off without the help of an expert plumber. But there are some things that household owners should not dare try to do on their own because it is potentially dangerous. Common household plumbing mistakes occur when homeowners do it […]

Helpful Tips to Create a Beautiful Bathroom Look

It is high time to make some changes and create a beautiful bathroom look, especially if you start seeing it as something ugly and boring.  There are a lot of ways, most of them are fairly easy, in making the necessary changes inside your bathroom to achieve a luxurious ambience. The potential is limitless in […]