Common Water Issues and Importance of Water Treatment System

Have you ever experience smelling something bad while taking a shower or washing the dishes? You wonder where is this smell coming from? Then you realized it comes from your water.

These are the common water issues you should look out, as shared by theplumbinginfo:

Common Issues With Potable Water

We Will Start With Hard Water
Have you ever wondered why soap won’t lather in hard water situations? Well Soap attracts hard water particles i.e. calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. and unless these particles are removed soap won’t lather. These dissolved solids can also severely affect the performance of your plumbing system.

What About Iron in Our Potable Water? – Rust Stains on Clothes and Plumbing Fixtures
The next huge issue is iron in our drinking water. If you aren’t anemic there is nothing good about having high iron content in your water. It tastes horrible and it stains your clothes and almost anything else it comes in contact with namely plumbing fixtures and appliances a nice shade of burnt orange.

What’s the Black Staining on My Plumbing Fixtures?
Another pretty common issue with our water occurs when manganese is present. Manganese shows it’s ugly face by staining plumbing fixtures, clothes etc. a blackish color.

Is My Water Supposed to Smell Like a Rotten Egg?
The answer to the above question is a resounding no. When your drinking water smells like rotten eggs you have hydrogen sulfides or sulfur in your water and although it doesn’t have a super strong taste it certainly smells nasty.” read more…

In the US and Canada alone 85% of household are experiencing water issues. To address this issues, it is recommended to install a water treatment system.

Water Treatment Systems: Healthy Advantages

Having a home water treatment system can be a great way to increase your families health. With many of our lifestyles, having a purification system in your kitchen is a great way to ensure your family stays healthy with little effort.

Our water supplies are polluted with chemicals, toxins, and bacteria every day. Installing a water treatment system directly to our kitchen faucet is simply another way of removing what gets left behind. read full article…

Next time you smell something from your water or see rusty colored water, or any abnormalities in your water system, call a plumbing professional and install a water treatment system.

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October 30th, 2017 by Lief Simons
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