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Boiler Repairs and How to Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

Edmonton is a harsh environment for heating systems such as a boiler. Routine service can head off some of the major repairs, but inevitable there will come a time when a person has to bite the bullet and come up with money for boiler repairs. Like any other household mechanical item, boilers need repairs from time to time. Edmonton is a harsh environment for heating systems such as boiler when you are talking heating and cooling cycles that constantly cause expansion and contraction. Routine service can head off some of the major repairs, but inevitable there will come a time when a person has to bite the bullet and come up with money for boiler repairs. Here are some of the most common boiler repairs:
  • No heat or hot water – There can be several issues that can cause the system not to heat or the water not to get hot as it flows through the boiler. It could be a bad valve or thermostat that is causing the problem or even be something like a low water pressure situation or even an air lock in the system. A skilled boiler technician will usually be able to determine what the problem is rather quickly.
  • Strange noises in the System – pump failure often produces banging sounds. Low water pressure in the system can often cause a boiling sound. When this happens, some of the water boils out because it is getting so hot. Air in the system is also known to produce strange noises.
  • Leaks and Drips – whenever there is expansion and contraction of water lines as they heat up then cool down; there is always the possibility of the
  • Pilot light not lit – It does not matter how well all the other components of a gas boiler are working if the pilot light is not on so the burner can start. Causes of an unlit pilot include a broken thermocouple (does not allow gas to get to the pilot light), a buildup in the pilot light system, or a draft blowing the pilot out repeatedly.
  • Boiler keeps switching itself off – there is a host of issues that can cause this to happen and necessitate boiler repairs. Causes include pilot going out, an improperly working valve, low water pressure triggering an automatic shutoff or even a pump that is no longer functioning correctly.
  • Loss of Pressure – loss of pressure in a boiler will definitely cause the system to not work properly. Loss of pressure often is caused by a leak that develops somewhere in the system; most boiler technicians are well trained in finding leaks and repairing them. A frozen or broken thermostat can also result in a loss of pressure in a system and require a homeowner to need boiler repairs.
When a person is experiencing one of these problems or any other, it is always best to call a trained boiler repair person to come to their home and have the boiler looked at and repaired if necessary.

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